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*Our American Style Buttercream Recipe

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How to deal with hot hands while piping

In this video we will show you how to deal with hot hands while piping. We are testing a few types of gloves and going over the pros and cons of each along with giving you some tips on how to structure your work to help manage this issue and hopefully keep you from having melty messes in your bags.


Cake Decorating tips and tricks

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How to Cover a Cake with Fondant

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Make sugar roses with bowl scraper 

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Advanced buttercream border techniques

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Melted ice cream cone cupcakes



This is Amy Chan from Cake decorating, and if you like cake decorating you are in the right place. We hope you enjoy our site and our school. We wanted to make a fun online platform to allow people to learn at their own pace and in their own home. Our goal is to provide detailed instructional videos and supplemental materials to help you get started and keep growing. Our focus is on beginner level projects that are geared toward helping you grow your skill set while increasing your confidence!

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Welcome to the Bijou's Sweet Treats' Cake Decorating School! This subscription includes monthly videos with a variety of cake and sweet treat designs and techniques from textured buttercream to piped decorations. Our school was created to teach our members everything from the basics of smoothing buttercream to piping intricate details and creating textured buttercream styles.

What is in Your Membership
*Current Season Monthly Course
*Basic Cake Decorating Course Certificate Program
*Access to Past Season Courses
*Access to Past Season Live Courses 
*Our American Style Buttercream Recipe

Subscription to the Bijou's cake decorating school includes monthly projects and exclusive for members-only content. A new project will be released every month and delivered right into your package. Simple open it up and get started. Each course includes supply lists and tutorials on new techniques to encourage your creativity to bloom.

Members can re-watch our past Live Classes any time they want in our member's only Live Class Course.

The platform works with all devices. There is no need to download, just stream the videos you want at your convenience. Start, stop, and pause the videos as you go to work alongside our talented cake artist.

The membership also includes The Beginner Cake Decorating Course. These videos provide basic steps for some of our most used techniques and recipes. Learn how to create smooth finish on your cakes, pipe basic decorations and flowers, etc. There are also three simple projects to help you get started. When you finish the content and projects in the Beginner Course you will be able to print your own Certificate of Completion!

Sign up today for an entire year and receive your monthly releases of this year's 12-pack of courses for a variety of themed events and holidays. Get started learning new tips and tricks for some of your favorite designs, or soon-to-be favorites. Refine your previous cake decorating knowledge to while creating stunning cakes that will make for gorgeous addition to the table at your next celebration while also learning to make other treats like cupcakes, cake pops and more!

All video are streamed so user experience may depend on internet speed.

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Basic Cake Decorating Certificate Course!

In this course, we aim to provide you with a guided step-by-step experience, helping you navigate the basics and practice your skills before moving on to more advanced cake projects from our past and present seasons.

This course includes Four Sections to help you master the basics of decorating a cake!

Course Sections:
*Fundamentals of Cake Decorating: Review of Materials and Equipment Needed, Recipes for Decorating, How to Use Pastry Bags, Setting Up Your Practice         Board, Baking Tips, and Icing Cakes for Decoration Preparation.
* Piping Practice: Covers five techniques, including Lines, Dots, Stars, Rosettes, and Shells.
* Piped Flower Practice: Includes four basic flowers and basic leaves to help you start creating your floral masterpieces.
* Cake Projects: Features three individual cake projects for practicing your skills.

Section One is the Fundamentals of Cake Decorating: This is to help you get started. We will review things like the equipment you will beed. The Recipes you will use including our American Style Buttercream Recipe. All of the basics on how to make, fill and use a pastry bag. Setting up a practice board to work on your piping. We’ve even included some tips on baking to help you out in case you are not already an experienced baker. You will also learn to fill, crumb coat and frost a cake which will set you up for success for the rest of this course and beyond.

Section Two is Piping Practice: We will cover how to pipe 5 techniques.. Stars, Dots, Lines, Shells and Rosettes. Print the included practice sheets to follow along and use these to help guide your practice sessions until you feel comfortable with the skills involved.

Section Three Piped Flower Practice: We go over in-depth how to pipe 4 flowers plus your basic leaves. Daisies, Primroses, Rose buds, Roses and Leaves. We even include a 5 section template for your flower nail to help you with spacing on your primroses. Each flower has a breakdown of the techniques involved along with an overview of how they are combined followed by instruction while piping on a nail to form a comprehensive lesson for each to help guide your practice and set you up for success.

Section Four Practice Projects: This last section has three projects that are meant to reinforce the skills you’ve learned and give you some practical experience. A simple Rosette topped cake that works for almost any occasion. An easy Mass Style floral arrangement that gives you a chance to practice your flowers. And finally a pattern transfer. You can use the pattern we provide or create your own! Each project has it’s own information sheet that includes helpful details about cake sizes, buttercream amounts color recipes and helpful instructions meant to supplement the information provided in your video lessons!

Once you are finished all four sections you can print your very own certificate!

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